Friday, May 11, 2012

Yars the Acolyte

I have rolled another Acolyte of the Blue Oyster!  Let the fickle dice gods pass judgement!

Strength - 7

Holy shit snacks.  That is a minus one to hit and damage.  Considering that my last cleric, Ganzig, never hit a single thing in combat, this does not bode well.

Intelligence - 8

Yowza.  At least the dumb ass has no idea how screwed he is.

Wisdom - 16

Okay, maybe he has some clue.  Also, this is the wisest character I have played yet in this campaign.  He probably has a deep philosophical understanding of how screwed he is. 

Dexterity - 15

Praise the Blue Oyster!  He is nimble!  Sadly, the only missle weapon clerics can have are slings and rocks.  He will be inflicting D4 damage with deadly accuracy!

Constitution - 11

Average.  Snooze.

Charisma -12

High average but still snooze.

Hit Points - 3

Oh boy.  A good dagger hit can take him out.

For Gold Pieces I rolled a crapload.  I don't remember the exact number but I bought chainmail and a shield.  I have a mace, a sling with 30 stones, a holy symbol and 5 flasks of oil to go in my backpack.  I even have 3 gold pieces left over. 

I have decided that Yars here is weak and knows it.  Oh he knows it very well.  He is kind of an emo cleric with not so much a death wish as much as it is a death certainty.

May the Blue Oyster watch over him.

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