Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Barefoot Perspective: The Murky Tavern

From the notebooks of Harry Barefoot, III, Esq. (of the Bigglesport Barefeet), written in the Hafling native tongue:

The Oyster Cult in Yem is as disorganized as the Scion of the Cerulean Shrimp guy told me. I'm not sure if he's looking for allies or sizing up an enemy, either way I'm not sure he should bother.  Still there's some sort of mystery that seems to have the potential for monetary gain, and after what happened in Bigglesport, I can't afford to be choosy.

I accompany these two clerics, Yars and Fagan to a bar of my acquaintance, called the Murky Trough.  I say it's of my acquaintance, but what I mean is that I was well aware of the notion that one doesn't go there.  And survive, anyway.  So of course, we went right on in.  Yars bluffed the barkeep while I hid in one of the copious shadows in the place.  I'm convinced the lighting was set up to increase the gloom, a feature I approve of.

We venture down into the cellar of the place, and after a bit of thunking about, I discovered a fake barrel, which opened into a passageway.  Fagan devoutly went first, and was surprised (and quickly killed) by a zombie. Who keeps zombies in the cellar? Isn't that what crypts are for?  My arrows were nearly useless, but Yars seemed to get his wits about him, and  scared the thing off with the holy power of the Blue Oyster.  After that, a bit of sword work and the thing was done.

Thankfully there was another person with us, who showed then, a doughty fighter named Bill. A good name  -- we called my uncle that, short for Bilious. We went further down, and found a sewer.  A bit of rope and some masterful climbing and I was able to lower a drawbridge.

There was a door there that was locked, and for some reason they thought I could open it.  That I was a burglar with skills such as that.!  The Bigglesport Barefeet are not common burglars!  I'll have you know we're in investment banking and not common at all.

I acquired a silk robe from a skeleton who wasn't going to need it anymore, and things would have been fine if Yars had the sense to hold his breath.  Bill seems smarter.  He and I aren't in the cult -- I wonder if he is also a scout for the SCS? These Blue Oyster guys don't seem to be too together, at least unless zombies are involved.  I'll need to consider this.

We found a larger room with more locked doors.  We tried an alternative way, and made short work of one of the denizens, acquiring a hefty sum of gold and another silk cloak, and a symbol to their unholy squid deity. We also found a map of their evildoings.  I made a quick drawing of it, and we made a quick retreat.

We were almost out of there when Yars blew our cover. I think he we could have snuck out, but then I do have to admit we'd have left some poor sod to the tender mercies of the thugs we dispatched.  Things almost got out of hand, but Bill was there with his sword, and Yars with his oil (which I set afire, hehe, Dad what do you think of me, now?)

We got out of there just in time, a bit richer.  Maybe this isn't such a bad idea afterall.

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  1. "The Bigglesport Barefeet are not common burglars!"

    Yars would agree with that as they are not very good burglars at all.

    I think I have waited my whole life to call the Halfling a burglar ala The Hobbit.