Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kimber Thistlethumb

Kimber Thistlethumb, Elf Level 1 (Veteran-Medium)
Player: Darius
Alignment: Neutral

S: 17 (+2)
I: 14 (+1 language)
W: 9
D: 9
C: 15 (+1)
Ch: 9

Hit Points: 6

Languages: common, elvish, neutral, orcish, hobgoblin, gnollish, medusa

Starting Gold: 90

Armor: chainmail (AC5)
Weapons: short sword (1d6 +1), short bow (1d6), 20 arrows & quiver
Sundries: wineskin, wine (1qt)
Spellbook: detect magic

Remaining Gold: 11

Kimber was kicked out of his village for not being attractive enough to fit in, and for having a gnome's name. He wound up in Yem after accidentally boarding a ship full of medusa-ese linguists. While he learned the language from them, they bored him stiff.


  1. Did you randomly determine your spell or did you pick detect magic?

  2. I picked it. Since I can be martially offensive, I thought it might be good to be able to detect magic. Who knows, we may find some?

    (spoiler: you guys missed something last night ;-)