Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Murder in a Dark Alley

You know, one of the key requirements to keeping a character journal is actually surviving an adventure in order to tell others about it.

Ganzig and his loyal drinking buddy/adventurer partner were slain on a heroic delivery quest.  They were tasked with bringing a scroll to an important merchant guildmaster and well, an ambush, followed by a running escape followed by an ambush started by player characters later ended in both heroes dying.

Basic D&D is worse than a masked killer at a lake full of horny college kids.  Zero hit points equal death.  No saving throw versus trauma, no negative hit points and no fucking chance once you hit zero hit points.  I have regained that awe I had as a teenager for second level characters.  Shit, imagine how bad ass a third level character is!

We continue however to learn more about the Cult of the Blue Oyster.  I have determined that all Acolytes are sent out every morning and told to go adventure for glory and more importantly, treasure.  I am not sure why the Blue Oyster needs their Acolytes to get treasure but maybe it is just their way of making men out of these students.  Hell, maybe it is just to keep the Cult from filling up with useless people.  The Blue Oyster culls their own herd.

The Riders of Lohan ride on!

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