Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bill the Fighter

My family motto is "the best offense is a good defense" thus when we can afford it, we all wear plate mail. The fact that my cousin folded like a card table is the exception that proves the rule... He shall not be missed. A bit zealous for our tastes.

Now that my sword has tasted blood and I lived to tell the tale, I am certain I will increase my hit points to beyond 3. Someday. Dare I dream to be the first in my clan to reach 2nd level? I think I will take my share of the loot and buy a shield. Whatever is left over goes towards ale and whores.

Despite my disdain toward religion, I think it is odd that the Squid-God people have a tactical map of the recent Acolyte deaths. There is either some clandestine war that the Blue Oyster cultists are unaware of, or there is some odd conspiracy against them. Them killing my cousin makes me want to find out. Sure, I didn't like the guy, but nobody kills my kinsmen, unless it is another kinsman.

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