Boot Hill

Here rest the deceased Riders of Lohan

Pik, Acolyte of the Blue Öyster.  Slain by Kobold Guard
"Stay back or your God gets it!"

Urist Digglebollox, Dwarf Veteran. Slain by Kobold Guard
"We're here to trim your kobolds."

Ganzig, Acolyte of the Blue Öyster.  Slain by Cuthroat Boss.
"Is that 15 gold pieces each?"

Kimber Thistlethumb, Elf Veteran-Medium. Slain by Cuthroat Boss.

Fagin, Acolyte of the Blue Öyster. Slain by zombie in the first hit of his first encounter.
"History shows again and again how nature points up the folly of man."

Yars, Acolyte of the Blue Öyster.  Slain by sacrificial dagger to the neck by an Evil Wizard.
"Freaking wizards.  If they had a door, I wouldn't have to break their window."

Wigel, Acolyte of the Blue Öyster. Slain and partially eaten by a Ghoul.
"Are these Ogres?"

Wandex, Acolyte of the Blue Öyster. Slain by a Thug.
"If you have learned one thing about the Blue Öyster followers, it is this: we keep coming.  Kill as many as you like and more will keep coming until the end of time."

Harry Barefoot, Halfing Veteran, Slain by Goblin Priest.
"Not a Burglar!"

Mavra, Apprentice, Dropped down a Pit.
"I'm going to climb against this wall."

Imadead, Acolyte of the Blue Oyster, Bearhugged by an Owlbear.
"I go in first!"

Pepto the Abysmal, 2nd level Magic-User, slain by poison blowdart.
"You all saw that, right? I killed it with my magic!" ~wipes blood off spellbook~

Major Tom, Apprentice, Struck by Lightning from the Slot Machine of the Twisted Gear
"Sure, I'll take a pull of the lever."

Balls Snakey, Vicar of the Blue Oyster, slaughtered by a naked Elf-Witch.
"Alas, our beloved Balls have dropped."

Vargas Vencenzo, 1st level metrosexual Dwarf (I'd just watched The Hobbit), corroded by a sexy Grey Ooze
"I wasn't expecting THAT in the urinal!"

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