Friday, July 13, 2012

Podcast #2

The continuing adventure of the Riders of Lohan brings them back to The Blasphemy of Flowers. If you missed the first episode, it can be found at the same link below.

Our DM this time is Shon Richards, and our cast of Player Characters is:
  • Pepto the Abysmal, 1st level Magic-User (Kirin)
  • Bill the Mauler, 1st level Fighter (Darius Whiteplume)
  • Ernest, the past-his-prime Fighter (NPC) 
  • Raz, the outlaw  mage (NPC)
Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment below!


To listen, follow this link!


  1. Hello, guys. This is Josh Mann. I am an acquaintance (possibly upgraded to friend) of Joe Tortuga. Joe's wife, Kat, sent the link to your podcasts. I listened to both episodes just for fun. It sounds like you guys have a great time playing D&D. Best wishes.