Friday, July 6, 2012

Marva Asks Questions

Getting to Yem was easy with that snotty Halfling’s money.  Marva knew she wouldn’t have made it at all with what he was paying, but she borrowed a bit more from him for the trip.  Still it was about out, now, so she asked around where she could get some work, and that’s why she was darkening the door at “Ye Olde Coffine Naile” or something like that.

Still, what’s a good thief to do, but steal a few purses ask a few questions, and maybe have some fun in the process? Marva asked around a bit to see if anyone had work or knew where the snotty Halfling’s son was.  With a flash of her boobsCharisma, she found out: (roll d20):

  1. Harry died when the dragon that lives on the giant tower uptown breathed on him and roasted him (and his plate armor) like a meat potato.
  2. Harry was seen consorting with Blue Oyster Cultists, and they “don’t fear the reaper”, if you know what I mean.
  3. Harry has a magic bow that he used to set a tavern in the dock district on fire.
  4. After trying to steal secrets from the Tower of Despicable and Unknowale Secrets, Harry was transformed into a miniature giant space hamster.
  5. If I buy you a drink, will you come back to my place?
  6. Harry was last seen going out of town with a Fighter, a Hag, and some wimpy dude in a dress.
  7. Oh, sorry old and mysterious Wizard!
  8. He was hired by ruffians from the dock district to unlock a warehouse treasure chest, even though he insisted he was “Not a Burglar.”
  9. Harry sleeps with the fishes now. Probably at the Blue Oyster Cult Headquarters.
  10. He was caught cheating at BINGO, and now the Ancient Order of B-5 is after him, so he skipped town.
  11. I hear he met a female gnome and they’re shacked up in the city park.
  12. I heard it was a male gnome!
  13. I heard he entered an ancient deadly dungeon and was killed by a goblin wielding a magic axe in the shape of fish.
  14. A couple of bill collectors came in for him a few days ago, I suspect they broke his legs and stole his bow.
  15. The ghosts of all the cultists who died while he was with them were haunting him so he went to Sister Mary’s House of Prayer and Prostitution to hide from them.
  16. Sister Mary’s has the best not-quite-vestal-virgins in town; you could probably work there.
  17. I heard he changed his name to “The Darkness” because some wizard cast magic missile at him.
  18. That’s him over there! Ha made you look!
  19. He’s crashed out back at my place, why don’t we go there and look for the Halfling?
  20. Hey, look, those are the guys he went to that dungeon with!

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