Monday, April 30, 2012

Pik's Scrapbook

My original goal was to create blog entries in the style of my cleric's personal journal.  Sadly, Pik's intelligence of 3 means the poor bastard can't read and write.  Instead of giving you a thrilling account of how our first adventure got started, the tricky battle of the kitchen and the epic surrender and re-fight of the poker room, the best I can do is off you descriptions of Pik's scrapbooking of the adventure.

Page One:  A sign written by someone else "Adventuer for Hire!"

Page Two: A smashed kobold tooth, some kobold hair and a crude picture of a playing card.

Page Three: A crudely drawn picture of pots and pans.  Also another kobold tooth carefully pulled out of his mace.

Page Four: Seventy-seven ink slashes.  These represent the 77 copper pieces they found but since math is beyond him, he had to mark each coin separately. 

1 comment:

  1. Pik shall have his triumphant return to The Coffin Nail tonight, it appears. I wonder if he'll recognize it?