Friday, April 27, 2012

I Guess I Should Get A Post in Here Too?

I mentioned earlier this week that I went into Basic expecting to hate it. Thinking it was just nostalgia people pined for. I have to say, though, that I am really digging it so far. I was thinking a bit about how to proceed last night and it came to me. Star Trek.

No, I don't want to play in space, but if we are going this far back in time we can look at Star Trek and its various incarnations as a allegory for D&D. Hear me out.

O/B/E D&D and ST:TOS - Cast of characters that sail from island to island. A group of them (typically four) get off, often with a hireling, get into some trouble and save the day.

AD&D 1st/2nd and ST:TNG - So similar to the the original that it does not confuse, but has a great deal of aesthetic change. More options, more races, bigger pool of resources. You still go island to island, but also have more opportunity for a campaign.

3e/3.5 and ST:DS9/ST:VOY - Very campaign oriented. Characters start with a goal and spend the remainder of their career pursuing it. Far greater pool of resources, even more races. The real birth of power-gaming comes in here.

4e and ST:ENT - An attempt to return to the roots of the franchise that ultimately fails despite being worthy. Campaigns are available, but lends itself to island hopping. Character advancement is the goal. Even though it recalls the original, time has taken its toll and it is impossible to go back. Too slick and polished to truly relate to the old.

And just to add another, Pathfinder is probably Stargate...

So, with that in mind, and knowing that ST:TOS is the king of all Star Treks, and with the fortunate setting I chose to base us in, we shall go island hopping if there are no objections.


  1. Excellent analogy. Now I am trying to figure out what game system is Lost in Space.

  2. I love that analogy, too. Brings to mind why I always preferred TOS over the others.

  3. For my money they could have stopped at TOS, though to be honest, Voyager is what got me into Trek in the first place.