Sunday, August 19, 2012

MIA: One Adventuring Party

It has been a week since Bill the Fighter, Marva the Theif and their henchmen, Yor the Fisherman went down into the Croney Pit of Goblin Genital Mutilation.  They did not return that day.  The Crone came back to the Coffin Nail and has been seeking new recruits. 

But what happened to our fearless heroes?  All sorts of crap including a trap that made them lose a week of their lives without even noticing.  Well, the henchman that starved to death certainly noticed.  Now the party is deep in the dungeon with no rations and down to 2 people.  Ouch.

They have amassed quite a bit of treasure.  Sadly, Dungeons and Dragons only gives you credit for treasure if you get back out of the dungeon.  They only get experience for what they have defeated/killed/tricked to go into the starving room.

Bill and Marva have earned 184 experience points to be split 2 ways for a total of 92 exp. 

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  1. We are not Missing in Action! We know approximately where we are.